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I’m Alisha, Leesh, and lovingly known as Loco Leesh (she/her). I wear many hats as your elopement photographer. I’m also here to be your guide, planner, resource, best friend and hype woman. I'm here to laugh, cry, and occasionally dance alongside you. I'm also a barefoot hippie veteran. Betcha never saw that coming! What really sets my soul on fire is connecting with people on a deeply personal level *My Pisces is showing*. I’m here to tell you that you have permission to DREAM BIG on what you think your wedding day should look like. Because your crazy love deserves to be captured in an authentic way. 


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November 10, 2020

…The cool way.

We’ve been raised to believe shotgun Las Vegas Weddings are the trashiest and worst way to get married. We’ve been SLEEPING on that. There is no wrong way to get married here or anywhere else for that matter. But I’m gonna tell you all the cool ways on how to elope in Las Vegas, in my humble opinion. Vegas is the coolest and most fun way to tie the knot. Especially if you’re a chill and laid-back couple who wants to forgo traditions. I set up this styled shoot when I was in Vegas because this emulated all the cool vintage and nostalgic vibes that the strip oozes. When putting together my mood board I looked up old casino photography and classic Vegas neon signs, I’m kind of a nerd for it. And while I don’t exactly drink or gamble, I do love me some Vegas (and have been there 6 times).


  1. Get hitched out in the desert and head into Vegas to celebrate.
  2. Get matching tattoos instead of matching rings
  3. Buy drinks and walk around the strip and toast to getting married
  4. Gamble your honeymoon fund at slots
  5. Get photos smooching in front of the iconic Las Vegas neon sign
bride and groom in front of tattoo shop in las vegas


Valley of Fire

The Wave or Rainbow Vista are the most gorgeous places to capture your love in the park. This place feels out of this world with the red rocks and wave-looking rocks. It’s a 56-minute drive from The Strip. Worth it! Due to permit restrictions, I recommend that your elopement ceremony happens outside of the park (at a dry lake bed) and then we can go into the park with the freedom to take photos at a few of the recommended spots!

Seven Magic Mountains & Jean/Roach Lake Beds.

A funky art installation in what feels like the middle of nowhere, 30 minutes from The Strip. The Roach lake beds are a 3-minute drive from the Seven Magic Mountains parking lot. This is my second favorite place because of the two locations being so close to each other. At sunset this place is busy but during sunrise, we might have the place to ourselves.

El Dorado Lake Bed

This is a popular place to elope near Las Vegas. The early morning light/sunset colors shine on the lake bed and make it glow like magic! This is a 45-minute drive from The Strip. Could be great for some pictures riding around on the motorcycle kicking some dust-up! Just a thought 😉

Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon is similar to the look and feel of Valley of Fire. A 30-minute drive from The Strip. There’s a 13-mile scenic loop with a ton of trails. But near the visitor center, there is a great spot called Calico Hills with vibrant red rocks. It’s a great mix between the desert and red rocks.

Nelson Ghost Town

Yup, a full-on ghost town in the middle of nowhere. A 55-minute drive from The Strip. It’s got some pretty funky scenery. This is fun because you’ve got some fun and eclectic ghost town vibes mixed in with the desert scenery.

Lake Mead

If you’re looking for a mix of desert and water, this is the place! 50-minute drive from The Strip. Sunset View Scenic Overlook and The Cliffs Trailhead have some great views.

Las Vegas Neon Sign Museum

A museum where they hold all the decommissioned neon Vegas signs? Say less.

Death Valley National Park

I know, this isn’t exactly in Las Vegas. BUT Death Valley National Park is a 2-hour drive from Las Vegas. Trust me, it’s worth it. This is like eloping on another planet.

Need more encouragement on why eloping is the way to go? Check out my blog post on 5 Reasons You Should Elope.

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Let’s get weird in Las Vegas babes.


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“Alisha is easily one of the best humans I’ve ever met”

Where do I even start!? Alisha was an absolute dream to work with!!! She was so flexible with us and our last-minute cancellation due to covid. We had originally planned to meet her in Vegas for our anniversary shoot in March and we ended up canceling our trip a week out due to the virus. She was so understanding and even offered to refund our deposit. We knew we still absolutely wanted to shoot with her so we scheduled another trip to Colorado this time and she met us there for an amazing sunrise shoot at Great Sand Dunes Natl Park. The whole experience was incredible and Alisha was so amazing and personable, we felt like we had left and made a new friend! She sent us sooo many sneak peeks just a few days after the shoot and Then probably 100 more photos a few weeks later. They were absolutely stunning. She is easily one of the best humans I’ve ever met and not to mention an extremely talented photographer with a clear passion for her clients and her work! We can’t wait to shoot with her again!


“I cannot wait to
book her again”

I have never done a couples shoot but I fell in love with Alisha's work on social media. I was beyond ecstatic when I found out she was traveling to Minnesota. Where do I begin? From the moment I spoke with Alisha, she easily made me feel comfortable and confident. She responded back to my questions and concerns within a timely manner and was easily accessible. Her talent and passion for photography is truly admirable! It’s so evident that she genuinely cares about each and every couple that she works with. Alisha has a gift for detail and seeing things differently than everyone else. She took some breathtaking pictures that will always have a special place in my heart! Alisha doesn't just take photographs, she creates beautiful works of art that don’t just capture smiles but our souls, and to be a part of her art is an absolute honor. Not only is her work stunning, but she is a great person to be around. She is professional, patient and outgoing and I cannot wait to book with her again! Thanks for the memories, laughs and for creating such an enjoyable experience.

— Miriam & Jaime